I love web development. I hope that shows in the work that I do. It is more than just a job to me. This is my craft, it's my passion. I look forward to getting up every day and working on projects. My current technologies of choice are Vue.js, Nuxt, Tailwind CSS, and Laravel. Here is a sampling of some of the things that I have worked on.

Resume Generator

I have found it hard to find a good way to create attractive resumes that were easy to update. Standard word processors make boring resumes, and graphic design tools make them hard to update. So I built a system that allows me to design a resume using HTML and CSS, and then convert it to a PDF using a headless browser. Now I can update my resume without dragging text blocks all over the place. It was built using Vue.js, Nuxt, and Puppeteer. Maybe one day I'll turn it into a service.

Go Get Approved

Gogetapproved.com is a dealership landing site designed to market vehicles towards people with low credit. It includes a powerful inventory search system that filters results as you type. It also includes a wizard-like system to walk users through a long form. It is built using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.

Dealership Inventory System

I built a custom inventory system for a dealership to import vehicle from a 3rd party inventory provider (Homenet IOL) and processes them into a system that makes it easy for their other applications to access. The inventory system also imports vehicle incentives, applies them to the vehicles, and exports them back to Homenet for aggressive pricing on all sales platforms. A frontend was also added to allow personnel to add, remove, and override vehicle incentives. This was built using Vue.js, Nuxt, Tailwind CSS, and Laravel.

Transportation Management System

I worked for a vehicle transportation brokerage company. They utililized a transportation management system (TMS) to allow customers to order, track, and manage vehicle transportation services online. It was a multi-tenet, hyper-customizable ordering system. Each customer had a custom design and multiple custom-built ordering processes. This introduced very interesting challenges. I led efforts to simplify the codebase, add customization features, establish git-flow procedures, upgrade the framework, introduce zero-downtime deployments, implement automated testing, and make other improvements. It was built using Bootstrap and Laravel

Performance Tracking Software

This was a system that I was tasked with building from the ground up to give managers the ability to track the performance of satellite offices. Users could import data from a CSV or add it via a form. Data would be presented to them via a dashboard that could display charts, tables, stats, etc. The dashboard could be customized and saved into multiple configurations to easily switch between different views. This was built using Vue.Js, Bootstrap, and Laravel.

Order Automation System

I built a system that would automate the placing of orders into a 3rd party system. The 3rd party system, unfortunately, did not have an API and would randomly crash at various stages of inputting orders. Adding data had to be done by hand and was very time-consuming. I was able to utilize a headless browser to automate the inputting of data. I also built it to run each process in multiple steps and reattempt any failed steps. This automation saved thousands of man-hours and we were able to move employees to other responsibilities because of it. This system was built on Laravel and puppeteer.


Torch was a multi-tenant CMS. It allowed you to build pages using draggable blocks that could dynamically analyze the SEO power of the page. You could create websites on the fly and host multiple white-labeled site managers on it. It was built using Vue.js, Bootstrap, and Laravel.

My Market Now

A client needed software to manage and track tent-sales at dealerships. We built a custom solution that allowed the client to add sales events to the system, manage salespeople, input orders, and track and chart sales to determine profitability. This was built using AngularJS, Bootstrap, and CodeIgniter.